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Turbidimetric test for the determination of canine C-reactive protein

Fast, automatic, precise, robust: All the advantages of a turbidimetric method with the reliability of a canine specific test. Our CRP test enables detection of infection or inflammatory disease with great sensitivity, as well as monitoring of disease evolution.

Available formats

Turbovet canine CRP 100-150 test. Complete Kit. Includes calibrator and controls.
Turbovet canine CRP 500-750 test. Complete Kit. Includes calibrator and controls.
Turbovet canine CRP calibrator
Turbovet canine CRP controls

Uses and advantages of our test

C-reactive protein is a very sensitive marker of inflammation which can indicate health problems, inflammation, and infectious disease, and can be analyzed to monitor disease evolution. Measuring CRP levels can be used to determine whether treatments are effective or the presence of post-operative complications. Turbovet canine CRP is canine-specific—which is crucial for reliable results—and guarantees highly precise and robust data. With the Turbovet test, analysis can be automated using any open clinical chemistry analyzer, and results are obtained in a few minutes. Laboratories can easily incorporate this biomarker into analytical profiles, providing a better service to customers. The reagents are very stable, and frequent calibration of the equipment is not necessary. Due to its versatility, reliability, stability, and price, Turbovet is an ideal tool for clinical diagnostic laboratories or veterinary clinics with an analyzer that admits external reagents.


• Species-specific.
• Automatic: Can be run in any open clinical chemistry analyzer.
• Working range: 0-150 mg/L .
• Assay time: 5 minutes.
• Reagents: 2 reagents, ready to use.
• No interference by hemoglobin (20 g/L), bilirubin (0.15 g/L) or triglycerides (10 g/L).
• Sample type: serum

Quantification by particle-enhanced immunoturbidimetry. CRP from serum reacts with specific antibodies fixed to latex microparticles, forming aggregates that produce an increase in turbidity in the reaction medium. The increase in turbidity is determined by photometric measurement and is proportional to CRP concentration in the sample.

The assay is calibrated with a canine-specific calibrator standardized with a reference material for canine CRP (Canalias et al., 2018).

Validated by the Autonomous University of Barcelona according to CLSI and SEQC guidelines.

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