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Acuvet Biotech is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of in vitro diagnostic kits for the veterinary sector.

Acuvet was born with the vision of becoming a leading company in animal health and welfare biomarkers.  Our vision is to generalize the use of acute-phase biomarkers, making the advantages provided by their analysis accessible to all types of laboratories and professionals; from academics and pharmaceutical researchers to veterinarians and experts in animal production. We offer in-house-produced tests which are accurate, robust, and competitively priced along with all the technical and scientific support you may need.

Despite the relatively recent emergence of Acuvet as a company, the combined years of research, experience, and dedication of the professionals involved guarantee a specialized and high-quality service.

At Acuvet, we believe in things well done, friendly and close customer support, and quality as a principle. Quality, service, and innovation are an intrinsic part of our essence.


The development of our tests includes extensive validation, and our products follow strict controls to guarantee maximum reproducibility.

Our canine C-reactive protein test is considered one of the best on the market by professional customers around the world: Canine specific, stable, well standardized; a reliable and robust test.



At Acuvet, we take care of our clients. Whether it is setting up the method in your laboratory, checking that the assay works correctly, technical or scientific documentation; we are here to help you. Our professional team is available to discuss any issues, and help you find solutions to make your day-to-day a little easier.



We develop new products to facilitate work in the lab. Our turbidimetric tests for the analysis of acute-phase proteins in livestock species are the first of their kind to enter the market. They enable users to carry out the test in just minutes, automatically and without prior sample prep. 

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