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Acuvet ELISA pig-MAP

Immunoenzimatic test for the determination of Pig-MAP/ITIH4

Measuring pig-MAP can allow detection of poor animal welfare or health problems on the farm, or can be used to quantify stress or inflammation. Test with confidence using a species-specific, sensitive and reliable test.

Available formats

Acuvet ELISA pig-MAP, 96 test
Acuvet ELISA pig-MAP, 192 test

Uses and advantages of our test

Pig-MAP, also known as ITIH4, is one of the main acute-phase proteins in pigs, and an excellent biomarker of distress in this species. Pig-MAP analysis helps to assess the health and welfare status on farms, to quantify inflammation, or to evaluate the degree of stress or the animal welfare in studies; for example, for assessing drugs, nutraceuticals, or husbandry systems. With Acuvet, you can be sure of a well-validated and reliable method. Our test is based on an original method developed at the University of Zaragoza, where this biomarker was discovered. It is porcine specific and calibrated according to the European Standard for acute-phase proteins, which is essential for comparison with data from primary reference studies. Our ELISA test is more sensitive than the turbidimetric method; thus, it can be used with other matrices such as meat juice. It is also valid for hemolyzed samples.



LoD: 0.2 ug/mL
Working range: 0.3-3 ug/mL
Assay time: 90 min
Reading: 450 nm
• Matrix: serum, plasma, others
Valid for hemolytic samples

Sandwich-type ELISA with monoclonal antibodies specific for pig-MAP.

Porcine-specific standard, according to the European Reference Serum for Acute phase proteins (EU concerted Action QLK5-CT-1999-0153).

Internal validation according to Eurachem´s guidelines.

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