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Immunoenzymatic test for the determination of bovine haptoglobin

By testing haptoglobin you can evaluate the health and welfare status of your animals or quantify inflammation in your trials. Test with confidence using a species-specific, sensitive and reliable test.

Available formats

ACUVET ELISA bovine Hp, 96 test
ACUVET ELISA bovine Hp, 192 test

Uses and advantages of our test

Haptoglobin is a major acute phase protein in cattle. It is a very sensitive and fast responder biomarker used to detect and monitor inflammation or infection, even subclinical conditions. Monitoring haptoglobin can enable early detection of diseases such as metritis, mastitis or bovine respiratory disease, for a prompt intervention that can reduce disease incidence on the farm. It also provides a quantitative and objective measure of the on-farm health-and-welfare status of animals. Our kits provide a species-specific, sensitive and well validated method to test with confidence. Unlike the colorimetric method our test is not affected by hemolysis. Our ELISA test is more sensitive than the turbidimetric method, being appropriate to measure haptoglobin not only in serum but also in milk, where it is a biomarker of mastitis.



• Species-specific
• Working range: 10-300 ng/mL
• Assay time: 90 min
• Reading: 450 nm
• Matrix: serum, plasma, milk, others
• Valid for hemolyzed samples

Sandwich-type ELISA with polyclonal antibodies specific for bovine haptoglobin.

Bovine-specific standard according to the European Reference Serum for bovine acute phase proteins (European Concerted Action QLRT-1999-01532).

Internal validation according to Eurachem´s guidelines.

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